The major oil companies and large independents have been increasing their investments in countries that were formerly communistic and third world countries who are now seeking enormous capital investments. These countries offer the potential to find large oil and gas deposits of the scale necessary to justify the bureaucratic structure of those large organizations and the associated administrative costs.

The domestic producing properties and exploration projects of these energy giants can no longer cover the sizeable overhead costs being allocated to them. Virtually every large oil and gas company in the United States has initiated domestic asset sales combined with significant reductions in exploration and production personnel. It is this exodus that provides a timely opportunity for the small domestic energy company to acquire these producing properties and exploration projects on favorable terms. This opportunity is further enhanced by the possibility of having the growth coincide with a projected increase in world-wide demand for oil and gas resulting in an attractive return on dollars invested.

It is the intention of Vess Oil Corporation to utilize its experience and expertise in the area of Property Acquisition and Exploitation, Oil and Gas Exploration and Reserve Value Enhancement and Protection with the appropriate financial resources to generate an energy business with a strong focus on growth over the coming years. Vess Oil Corporation intends to provide investors with an opportunity to capitalize on growth potential within the domestic energy industry while still providing the associated income tax benefits to the participants. Various exit strategies would provide liquidity options to all investors.